Maxxis Zilla

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The Maxxis Zilla is one of our most popular tires!  Maxxis continues to push the envelope as the Zilla is hands down one of the lightest mud-tires on the market!  Go ahead and compare the weights!  It features an aggressive tread that pulls well, yet won't beat you up on the trails, bog your machine down with excess tire weight, or break your wallet.
Maxxis Zilla ATV Tires
  • Tread pattern based on the Mudzilla tire, but increased tread for a smoother ride on trails
  • Still maintains that Mudslinging Traction! 
  • Combines great traction with excellent braking characteristics and high-speed performance
  • Very Lightweight and has a durable 6 ply the tire weights!
  • Typically these tires weigh 8-10 pounds less per tire than the Maxxis Mudzilla ATV Tire.
  • Allows quicker acceleration, while maintaining the Maxxis' legendary durability.
  • Built in rim-guard helps protect wheels.
  • 3/4" tread depth on 22" through 25" tall tires; 1-3/16" tread depth on 26" and taller
  • Spacing between tread bars is ~4" to 4-1/2"
We highly recommend this tire if you are looking for a light weight mud tire that will pull well! 

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